Christopher James David Summers hit the mainstream media after he released a video of his interaction with a Qld Police officer attempting to conduct a random RBT test on November 16 last year in Cooroy.

This interaction resulted in one charge of refusing a breath test and 3 colorful court appearances including Mr Summers and his mother being escorted from court on his second appearance ultimately resulting in no criminal charges, no loss of licence and just a $200 fine on March 3 2017.

After a number of conversations with Mr Summers and attendance at his second court appearance in Noosa Magistrates Court we are pleased to announce we have secured an exclusive interview with Mr Summers to present this story in full, from just prior to the infamous roadside RBT viral video captured by Mr Summers, through to yesterday’s hearing and beyond.

Typically the mainstream media has failed to report on this story with the facts or any effort to investigate the underlying and seeminly obvious issues, devoid of objectivity, instead whipping the public into a frenzy with opinionated, sensationalistic journalism.

In days gone by the media was a beacon of credible and objective information empowering the general public to form an educated opinion and understanding around occurrences in our communities, our regions, our country and the world. Sadly this is rarely the case in a modern world.

In our conversation yesterday with Mr Summers he stated…

“today’s proceedings showed the complete lack of due process in our court system and the lengths that they will go to to keep people uninformed about their constitutional rights.”
We will be conducting our interview with Mr Summers later next week and look forward to presenting it to you, the general public, so that you can form an educated unbiased informed opinion with a factual timeline detailing a range obvious issues from ethical and effective policing through to the judicial process.

Much more to come!